What is Healing?

The Gospels tell us that an important part of Jesus’ ministry involved healing. This usually meant the immediate cure of people suffering from lifelong afflictions, sometimes even after the person had died from the affliction. These events are dramatic and recorded by the writers of the Gospels to highlight that fact that, as the Son of God, just as Jesus had power over physical elements like the weather, food or water and wine, he also had power over minds, bodies and diseases. For each of those people that Jesus cured, there would have been many more that he did not cure. This was not because he did not care about them or did not love them, simply that God’s plan for them did not necessitate a physical cure.

In today’s fast paced life, all too often we come up against illness and suffering. In such circumstances, it is natural and right for us to pray for a cure for ourselves or someone close to us. But often, our idea of a cure is not compatible with God’s will and it can seem that our prayers remain unanswered.

The truth of the matter however is very different. In every case, God hears and answers our prayers, usually in a completely unexpected way and in his own time but he does answer them. For a lucky few, that will mean a cure. We have seen it in our own Church and in the wider community.

For most, healing is more about a spiritual than a physical cure - an acceptance or a coming to terms with the fact that we ourselves or a loved one may not be cured but be made whole - spiritually cleansed.

At healing services in our Church or at the laying on of hands during Family Communion, we are given the opportunity to pray together for ourselves, a member of our family, a friend or even a situation or event. Healing will be fully achieved when we realise that wholeness is a true gift from God and that if the answer is No, we are spiritually strong enough to accept that as Gods will.

Every one of us needs and receives healing at some time in our lives. Healing is a gift bestowed by God each and every time we ask for it in faith and love. It is therefore important to ask for it, in private prayer or in a service of healing